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Biotechnology, Next challenge CREATING A BETTER LIFE

Business Philosophy

Biotechnology Next Challenge Striving for a better future for humankind based on bioscience and technology

BNC KOREA researches and develops strategic application products that will lead the next-generation bio markets for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and "cosmeceutical" products containing physiologically active substances by processing hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are biomaterials.

BNC KOREA continuously strives for a happier future for humankind, based on bioscience and technology. BNC KOREA’s will continue to make life more enjoyable for more people and to become a world-class company, through continuous research and development using cutting-edge application technology based on biomaterials.

Company Overview

  • Company Name : BNC KOREA
  • CEO: Wangyu Choi
  • Date of Incorporation: 8/1/2007
  • Employees: 92 persons (As of 2019)
  • Laboratory Personnel: 19 persons
  • Capital: 3,014,400 (million, as of April 2019)
  • Main Business: Development and production of biomaterials
                 for medicine
BNC KOREA, the Korean model for bio ventures, with both growth and profitability attributes

  • 01

    Korean model for bio venture

    • · Growth : R&D-centered company
    • · Profitability :Secure resources for independent R&D
      through profitable businesses
  • 02

    Development know-how of differentiated biotechnology for medicine

    • · In-house development of HA filler and HA anti-adhesion
      barrier gel
    • · Domestic patents related to HA cross-linking technology
    • · In-house development of wound dressings using collagen
    • · Patent pending for collagen wound dressings containing
      drug substances
  • 03

    Early leadership in future markets

    • · Short-term market penetration with the goal of
      future marketability of wound dressings
    • · Penetration of global markets for biomaterials
      of the future